Liza Nyberg is leaving Landshypotek Bank

Liza Nyberg, CEO at Landshypotek Bank, is leaving the bank to become CEO at Collector AB and Collector Bank.

The announcement is made today but Liza Nyberg will continue to act as CEO at Landshypotek Bank during her notice period.

­– Liza has been leading the bank during a period characterized by change. We have been focusing on strengthening the bank’s digital agenda, expanding the business operations and facing the new regulatory environment in the financial sector. Liza has been leading this work successfully and with great energy, says Henrik Toll, Chairman of the Board of Landshypotek Bank.

– Landshypotek Bank is in a very exiting phase and have a unique position in the Swedish bank market, holding a strong position in financing Swedish farming and forestry, a social responsibility in its business model and all the opportunities when becoming a broader bank for the countryside. I have a very stimulating job with all the great coworkers at the bank and the dedicated elected representatives in Landshypotek Ekonomisk Förening. However, the possibility for me to accept this job opportunity at Collector Bank was something I could not turn down, says Liza Nyberg, CEO at Landshypotek Bank.

– We will continue to follow our firm development strategy and the bank is much stronger today than when Liza became CEO. We would of course have preferred that Liza would continue as CEO, but we also wish her the best of luck with her new challenges, says Henrik Toll.

The board will now immediate initiate the process of recruiting a new CEO at Landshypotek Bank.

For further information please contact:

Henrik Toll, Chairman of the Board of Landshypotek Bank, through Tomas Uddin, Head of Market and Communication, +46 70 299 24 08