The employees at Landshypotek Bank has chosen to give their Christmas gift to street children in Uganda

This years’ Christmas gift from the employees at Landshypotek Bank, a Swedish bank with fundamental mission to finance investments of farmers and foresters, is donated to Street Child Care Uganda. The employees have chosen to fund school equipment and fees, tools and seeds to grow their own food and medical expenses.

— It is fantastic that we can donate our Christmas gift to those who really need it. We are engaged employees at the bank and our engagement outside the bank is very important to us, says Liza Nyberg, CEO at Landshypotek Bank.

Helena Kulling who works with the organization as a volunteer was in Stockholm and received the gift.

— This will make a big difference and the children are very grateful for this gift. They will now be able to grow fruit and vegetables on a piece of land that has been donated to them. The children will get more nutritious food. More children will also be able to go to school. Knowledge is one of the best things you can invest in for the future. Medical equipment is also extremely important for these children who live in the slum where various diseases are common, says Helena

Currently there are 37 children staying at the centre in the ages 6-16 years old. Helena met Joshua, the founder of the organization, by chance approximately two years ago and has since tried to help them seek funding mainly through face book.  She often visits the children at the centre and does various activities with them.

— It is always great to be there and meet all children who often have a smile on their face. You get more than you give. I also think that the children are surprisingly harmonious, mature and well behaved. They often express their appreciation and are grateful for what they have. You cannot compare with children in Sweden, she says.

—To give means a lot both to the one that gives and the one that receives. We have previous years chosen to give our Christmas gift to larger organizations. This year we have chosen a smaller organization, which means that we can more closely follow the development and results during the year, says Liza Nyberg.

At the centre there are big dreams for the future.

— The children want to become doctors, teachers, football professionals, accountants, fashion designers etc.….