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About Landshypotek

Landshypotek Bank finance investments and entrepreneurial advancements that are aimed at the development of the countryside. Landshypotek’s fundamental mission is to finance the investments of the farmers and foresters, and has remained the same since founded in 1836. In April 2013 Landshypotek became a bank under official terms and is now one of Sweden’s ten largest banks. We are a unique niche bank, we are owned by our members and we challenge the prices for farming and forestry industries to offers the best rates possible. The profit we earn is invested back into the agricultural and farming industry for continuous growth and development.

The farmers and foresters of Sweden have their very own bank under the name of Landshypotek Bank, and since being founded 1836, our mission has remained the same. We enable financial opportunities within the agricultural and forestry industries and with our vast understanding of the business field and our good terms and conditions we work with the farmers and foresters towards a richer countryside.

The first choice for farmers and foresters.

Landshypotek Bank challenges the funding prices for the farming and forestry industries and offers the best rates possible. We grow with our customers and develop our product and service offerings dependent on their needs.

Landshypotek Bank offers loans, insurance, savings, investment opportunities, and payment options through in-house services or in cooperation with partners. We are Sweden’s tenth largest bank, with nearly 70 billion kronor lent out to the farming and forestry entrepreneurs of the countryside.

To call ourselves specialists within the farming and forestry industry all our customer service staff are highly educated within the field or have a vast background within either of the industries. Their knowledge of the banking field is extensive and they can help with any queries you may have.

For those that love the countryside as much as we do.

Landshypotek Bank finance investments that are made by entrepreneurs and families to help improve the countryside through farming and forestry developments. Landshypotek Bank is now open to those that wish to save with good terms and conditions and that love the countryside as much as we do. Our savings accounts enable the continuous growth of a thriving countryside and developed entrepreneurial advancements. Your savings investment strengthens us as a bank and enables improved terms for loans to the entrepreneurs and families of the countryside.

Articles of association

Here you can read Landshypoteks Articles of association

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