At Landshypotek Bank, sustainability means viewing all aspects of the operations from a long-term and responsible perspective. Therefore, sustainability efforts permeate the operations and affect all stakeholders, including customers, owners, association members and investors.

Landshypotek Bank enables investments in rural enterprises and rural living outside major urbanisations, which lays the foundation for a sustainable future across the country. Our sustainability agenda is based on our customers. Since the bank is owned by its farming and forestry loan customers, the business model itself contributes to an economically and socially sustainable society. Landshypotek Bank ensures that its operations are driven in a sustainable manner and take into consideration economic and societal as well as environmental perspectives through long-term business relationships, a high level of risk awareness and a solid understanding of the bank’s societal role.

Economic responsibility

We offer sound, sustainable financing and ensure that high ethical standards are maintained at the bank. Acting ethically and objectively is of great importance in all of the bank’s business dealings. Any risk of a conflict of interest must be avoided. The bank works in a pre-emptive manner to prevent financial crime and has an obligation to assess and minimise the risk of its operations being used for money laundering or financing terrorism.
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Social responsibility

Being a sustainable bank requires social responsibility. The bank makes it possible to live outside of the major cities — now and in the future. Landshypotek Bank has been the countryside’s bank for more than 180 years and its customers are mainly located outside the major cities. Our new homeowner mortgage offering also focuses on homes outside the major cities and on giving everyone in Sweden opportunities to live a richer and more sustainable life. 

Commitment to employees and a societal role are also important aspects of being a socially sustainable operator.
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Environmental responsibility

Landshypotek Bank promotes long-term, sustainable farming and forestry by financing enterprise in the farming and forestry sectors. The bank’s credit approval process is based on the environmental impact of customers’ operations. Long-term sustainable production and management mean lower risk — for the bank and for the customer. Sustainability risks are a key part of the analysis and can seldom be separated from financial risks.

The bank fosters gradual environmental adjustment of operations aimed at minimising negative environmental impact. Where possible, business travel should use green forms of transport and, by using digital communication services, the bank can be more resource-efficient and reduce its environmental impact.
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