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Sustainability and Landshypotek

Landshypotek Bank enables people to run companies, realize their dreams and to live countrywide. Through the strong commitment of the bank’s owners, customers, investors and employees, the bank strives daily to develop our unique bank. 

Landshypotek Bank believes in wise, long-term investments that continue over generations. The bank has been around for more than 180 years and plans to be here for at least as long again.

Our contribution to sustainable development

A living countryside, where fields and forests are cultivated, creates growth and jobs. These create the preconditions for a well-developed business community and Swedish welfare across the country. Sustainable development countrywide rests on the conditions for living and working throughout Sweden. Landshypotek Bank uses sound and responsible credit granting to enable rural living and investments in rural enterprise. This lays the foundation for a future for the cities and the countryside. In this way, the bank contributes to sustainable societal development – socially, environmentally and economically.

Key functions for sustainable development

Agriculture and forestry sectors contributes with key functions for sustainable development

  • The forest is a key link in the transition to a fossil-free society. Forest raw materials are renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, and can be used for many different products and replace fossil alternatives. Growing forests bind carbon dioxide and counter climate changes.
  • Swedish farms and agriculture maintain high standards for animal husbandry, environmental adjustment and food quality.
  • Agriculture has considerable potential to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. The use of forests and cultivated land also contributes to biodiversity, nature management and variety in the Swedish countryside

Sustainable events at Landshypotek Bank

2023: Completed an initial analysis of the credit portfolios climate fottprint and commenced work with EU:s new sustainability reporting requirements (CSRD)  

2022: Landshypotek signs UN Principles for Responsible Banking and starts reporting according to Global Reporting Initiative.

2021: Green Bond Impact report is prepared for the third time.

2020: Green Bond Impact report is prepared for the second time, a third green covered bond is issued and work of reporting according to TCFD continues.

2019: Green Bond Impact Report is prepared for the first time, a second green covered bond is issued, a first analysis of the bank’s credit portfolio’s impact on climate- and environment-related risks is carried out and we start reporting pursuant to the GHG protocol.

2018: A sustainability report is prepared and published for the first time, our green bond framework is prepared and published and we issue a green covered bond based on Swedish forestry as the first bank ever.

2016: Chief Sustainability Officer is member in the Management Group.

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Martin Kihlberg

General Counsel and Chief Sustainability Officer