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About Landshypotek

This is Landshypotek Bank

Landshypotek is a bank for borrowing and saving. Since 1836 we have contributed to a richer life countrywide together with our customers. Our customers today are companies and entrepreneurs within agriculture and forestry, those living in farming and forestry properties and homeowners and savers.

A 180 year old start up

Landshypotek was founded in 1836 with the mission to provide competitive funding for farmers and foresters in Sweden. Since then we have continued to challenge the Swedish bank market by offering our customers competitive funding with sound and transparent conditions.

Circular economy

Farming and forestry borrowers become members of Landshypotek Ekonomisk Förening and, thereby, owners of Landshypotek Bank. With some 34 000 members, the association is one of the country’s largest cooperative associations. Our profit is, throughout the member association, returned to our customers so that we all can eat locally produced food and enjoy well managed forests and open landscapes.  

Sustainable and green

A living countryside, where fields and forests are cultivated, creates growth and jobs. These create the preconditions for a well-developed business community and Swedish welfare across the country. Sustainable development countrywide rests on the conditions for living and working throughout Sweden. Landshypotek Bank uses sound and responsible credit granting to enable rural living and investments in rural enterprise.

  • Our journey started in 1836 to provide farmers with competitive funding
  • We are a leading actor for mortages outside the major cities
  • We are one of the ten largest banks in Sweden
  • Our profit is returned to agriculture and forestry in Sweden
  • We enable sustainable development throughout funding of agriculture, forestry and countryside living

Short facts about Landshypotek Bank

  • Piktogram

    118 000 customers

    all companies within agriculture and forestry, those living in farming and forestry properties, homeowners and savers

  • Piktogram

    SEK 104,8 bn

    lending to Swedish agriculture and forestry sectors and houseowners

  • Piktogram

    34 000 owners

    members in Landshypotek Ekonomisk Förening that owns the bank

  • Piktogram

    SEK 180 mn

    of the profits 2022 got back to the members

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