Information regarding bonds issued by Landshypotek Bank and the underlying terms of their issuance. 

The information is intended for professional investors and those responsible for documentation at the issuing institutions. 

Commercial Paper Programme

SEK 10 000 000 000 or equivalent to EUR.
Commercial Paper Programme (pdf, sv)

Dealers commercial paper:
Swedbank Markets, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken Capital Markets, Nordea, SEB, DNB.


EUR 10 000 000 000 or equivalent to other currencies.

Offering Circular and Supplements 2020/2021

EMTN-programme 2020 (pdf)

Offering Circular and Supplements 2019/2020

EMTN-programme 2019 (pdf)

Supplement 31 October 2019 (pdf)

Supplement 10 february 2020 (pdf)

Offering Circular and Supplements 2018/2019

EMTN-programme 2018 (pdf)

Supplement 30 Januari 2019 (pdf)

Offering Circular and Supplements 2017/2018

EMTN-programme 2017 (pdf)

Offering Circular and Supplements 2016/2017 

EMTN-programme 2016  (pdf)

Supplement 27 januari 2017 (pdf)

Supplement 31 October 2016 (pdf)

Offering Circular and Supplements 2015/2016 

EMTN-programme 2015 (pdf)

Supplement 11 September 2015 (pdf)

Supplement 14 August 2015 (pdf)

Offering Circular and Supplements 2014/2015

EMTN-programme 2014 (pdf)

Supplement 2015:1 (pdf)

Supplement 2014:1 (pdf) 

Supplement 2014:2 (pdf)

Dealers EMTN:
The Royal Bank of Scotland
Final terms for EMTN loans (pdf)


SEK 60 000 000 000 or equivalent to EUR.
MTN Programme (pdf) 

Supplement 2019:1 (pdf)

Supplement 2017:2 (pdf)

Supplement 2017:1 (pdf)

Supplement 2016:2 (pdf)

Supplement 2016:1 (pdf)

Supplement 2015:3 (pdf)

Supplement 2015:2 (pdf)

Supplement 2015:1 (pdf)

Dealers MTN:
Handelsbanken Capital Markets, Danske Bank, DNB, Nordea, SEB, Swedbank Markets.
Final terms for MTN loans (pdf) 


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