Green Bond Impact Report

Published: 15 maj 2020

In May 2018, Landshypotek Bank issued its first SEK denominatedgreen covered bond. Last year, the bank issued an additionalgreen covered bond. At the time of publication of this report,Landshypotek has completed two green bond issues. Both ofthe issues comprise covered bonds and are used exclusively tofinance sustainable Swedish forestry.

The total volume issued amounted to SEK 8.25 billion. The underlying forest corresponds to an area the size of Öland and Gotland combined.

”Our successful issue of another forest bond in 2019 underscores
the strong underlying demand in the market for
sustainable investments and the bank’s continued ambition
of financing sustainable forestry in Sweden.”
– Martin Kihlberg, Chief Sustainability Officer, Landshypotek Bank.

In the spring of 2018, Landshypotek prepared its first green
framework to enable the issue of green bonds. The framework
has been reviewed by the independent Center for International
Climate Research (CICERO), which awarded the framework
the highest shade “Dark Green”. Under the framework,
Landshypotek can issue both covered bonds, senior bonds and
subordinated notes. The proceeds raised by Landshypotek
through the green bonds are to be used to finance sustainable
forestry, renewable energy or green buildings.

This report solely describes the impact from the underlying
projects that meet the framework’s sustainable forestry criteria.

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