Landshypotek Bank launches Green Bond Framework

Landshypotek Bank has financed Swedish farming and forestry since 1836. Over the last couple of years the bank has launched savings products for the general public as well as a new residential mortgage loan for home owners. With this Green Bond Framework Landshypotek Bank takes a new step in its journey. The development of the framework has been made together with Danske Bank.

Landshypotek Bank’s Green Bond Framework is based on sustainable forestry, renewable energy and energy efficient buildings. The framework is aligned with the Green Bond Principles. CICERO has provided a second opinion on the framework giving it a Dark Green shading.

Landshypotek Bank has mandated Danske Bank, Handelsbanken and Nordea in its forthcoming inaugural green covered bond. The issue is aimed towards, among others, institutional investors wanting to invest in projects aiming to reduce climate challenges and to promote a sustainable development within farming and forestry.

For further information, please contact:

Åke Källström, Head of Treasury, +46 8 459 04 87
Martin Kihlberg, Chief Sustainability Officer, +46 8 459 04 86